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Oberösterreich, Austria

Pronouns: he/him but you can use they/them as well if you prefer that

You may use my whole content of this site (except passages from the corresponding question or passages I stated that are copied from other resources, those underlay the conditions of those resources) under the JSON license (content cited from other resources is under their respective license, additional to the license Stack Overflow states to my posts).

I was a student at a secondary technical college for IT until 2021. I am currently studying AI.
I like to experiment with things like WSL and I'm here to help others and get help.
Programming languages that I like: java, java and (most importantly) JAVA (this list may or may not be comprehensive)

Discord Tag: dan1st (You can find me at the Discord Java Community.) and I am danthe1st on GitHub

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I participated in both Betas of the Staging Ground and was the second user to receive the Instructor badge.

Personally, I prefer Eclipse over IntelliJ for the reasons outlined here.

Other Accounts: dan2nd

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