Coding is not my day job, but I always have a number of projects in the works. I focus on the open source tools for my development. Mainly, I use PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and jQuery. I believe in coding to standards, and using HTML5, CSS3 wherever possible.

Check out, for some good coding, and good stories! Check out for editing services. Check out for a simple but effective employee management tracking system, CRM, Program Management, etc.

I am always looking for mentors, as I have been 100% self-taught on the above disciplines. My strongest point as a application developer is that I have major sales experience and business acumen.

My philosophy in building applications is simple:

  • Build something useful
  • Listen to the user; the user is always right or they won't use the app
  • Build the app deliberately and quickly, test and correct for major bugs and release

I am a lone developer in my applications, and have never had the pleasure of working on a software development team. I guess this makes me a full-stack developer. I think this is both an advantage and disadvantage; I miss the chance for learning new techniques and standards (but StackOverflow helps a lot with this), but I also can plan both the front and back ends of applications without consulting others.