Susan Brinchman

California, USA

Susan O'Dwyer Brinchman, M. Ed, author of "Gustave Whitehead: First in Flight" (2015), world-class expert on Gustave Whitehead, is an experienced educator and early aviation researcher with a love of history. Closely involved with Whitehead research for the past five decades, present for key events such as interviews with witnesses, and familiar with the places Whitehead lived and flew, she is uniquely suited to present documentation for the achievements of this controversial aviation pioneer. She is the sole living person in the world closely connected with the Whitehead research and interviews with his contemporaries and flight witnesses, and as such, a world authority on Gustave Whitehead. In addition, Ms. Brinchman has researched the Wright brothers early flights and basis for their claim of "first in powered, controlled flight", as well as the history and implications of the Smithsonian-Wright Agreement of 1948, unearthed by Maj. Wm. J. O'Dwyer (US AF ret., dec.) her father - a Whitehead researcher for 45 years. A highly successful educator for 4 decades, Ms. Brinchman holds four California teaching credentials, including Social Sciences, with a Masters Degree in Educational Technology. She resides in California.

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