Dallas, TX

Software Engineer. Currently involved primarily in iOS and mobile development.

I have a wide array of development interests and experience. I venture into many different areas and learn from each new technology I develop with.

My problem solving strategy includes:

  • Be practical yet methodical. Fast, but careful.
  • A solution is only good if the problem is well understood. If the problem is not understood the result is usually a hack. Hacks are not lasting solutions.
  • Focus on best practices without becoming obsessed with or paralyzed by them.
  • There is more than one way to do everything, but there are definitely bad ways to do things. There are also times that there exists more than one good way to do things. Finding a good way is important.
  • Plan for change, but don't anticipate changes that may not ever happen.
  • Make code that will last. Fight code rot by cleaning up messes along the way.
  • Talk is cheap. Let your work speak for itself.
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