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Umer Farooq

Islamabad, Pakistan

Microsoft Certified Python Developer, Biomedical Engineer, and GUI Developer.

Having 3+ years of experience in python programming and using different tools in the Python programming language. The Python Programming services which I provide include:

  • Graphical User Interface - GUI Development using Python Tkinter, PyQt5, PyGame and Kivy
  • Python Web Scraping
  • Machine Learning with Python
  • Artificial Intelligence with Python
  • Python Code Investigation
  • Python Code Debugging
  • Python Scripts writing
  • Python Coding
  • Convert PyInstaller executable files into a complete Python software installation package.
  • Convert .py to .exe file
  • Fix Python Installation Issues
  • Data Analysis using Python packages
  • Database Integration
  • Python Assignments and Lab tasks

I can fix any Python code error, fix Python indentation issues for you, solve Python Path problems for you, convert Python 2.x code into Python 3.x code, can develop Python GUI using PyQt5, or can develop Python GUI using Tkinter. Also, I can convert Python files to Executable files ( convert .py to .exe files). Also, I can convert PyInstaller executable files into a complete Python software installation package.

Following are a few of the tasks I have done during my experience:

  • Developing the Raspberry Pi 3 application along with GUI for standalone visual cardioscope device.
  • Developing GUI for breast cancer detection software.
  • Developing an application for IP pinging and editing IP address values in the Microsoft Excel Sheet.
  • Developing an application that performs specific functions by taking input and producing output values and graphs meanwhile the live plot average CPU usage monitoring.
  • Creating a patient survival data entry form that takes several inputs and saves the entered data in a CSV database file.

Being a graduate, I know how to do programming assignments in a professional way. I can also help you with Python Lab Tasks and Python lab exercises. I am much fluent with programming in Python and I have also done many Python certifications which also includes Google Python Certification.

I have expertise in Python language in the field of GUI and Game development, Currently, I am offering Graphical User Interfaces, Human Machine Interfaces, Frontend Development, Desktop Applications Development, and Game Development services using tools like PyGame, Kivy, PyQt5, PyQtGraph, Tkinter, and many others in Python language. Also worked on Machine Learning, Image and Signal Processing, Soft Robotics, and Electronics Projects.

Being a Biomedical Engineer, I can also help you design medical and health sector-related Apps and Software. I have worked with many software so far.

I am open to any fixed price, milestones-based, or hours-based project.

Please feel free to contact me and you can interview me for your project.

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