Toronto, Canada

Now working as a Network Engineering Associate at a large, Canadian ISP.

A recent graduate of Systems Design Engineering at University of Waterloo with a diverse portfolio of technical and inter-personal skills. Experienced in solving inter-disciplinary problems in network equipment manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, software development, academic research, aviation and telecommunications environments.

I am currently beginning a successful career in the telecommunications networking sector while pursuing P.Eng and IP network certifications.

I am passionate about disruptive technologies of all shapes in sizes including augmented, mediated, and virtual reality, packet-based telecommunications solutions (VoIP), data mining, machine learning, penetration security testing, and much more.

Check out my GitHub profile for examples of open-source software projects I've contributed to. The projects range from a calculator for determining hidden costs in car loans (RealCost) to a mediated-reality billiards training system (BilliardBuddy).