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Currently mostly active in Python, picking up on Perl. Thinking in algorithms & concepts, and "chewing" on complex, seemingly impossible situations is what triggers me most.


Desktop utils

  • lswitcher - Set, and automatically remember, the Unity Launcher items per viewport
  • wswitcher - Set a different wallpaper per viewport
  • qle - Unity Quicklist editor
  • Take a Break - Force taking breaks from working at the computer


  • NoNotifications - Disable notifications, in general, only dim or allow specific ones
  • SpaceView - Keep an eye on the available space on your devices
  • About Time - Fuzzy clock, periods of the day etc.
  • WindowSpy - Show a preview (to keep an eye on) of a window across viewports
  • UpFront - Raise application windows as one

Miscellaneous (ppa)

  • Orange Metronome - Musical metronome

Miscellaneous script samples:

  • How can I automatically add workspaces, only if I need them?
  • How can I take a screenshot from a window, with customizable margins
  • Can I minimize a window into a box on Unity?
  • How to block specific apps from opening in specific accounts
  • Is there a script (or software) to open an application window on a specific viewport and position?
  • How do I measure dimensions on screen without using a ruler?
  • Is there a software that periodically lets me do mental arithmetic exercises?
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