Where is medan travel agency ? Patagonia is the term for the southernmost region in South America. Its position is divided between 2 countries, Argentina and Chile, with the Andes Mountains splitting in the middle. What is the W Track / "W" Circuit? W Trek is one of the most popular track routes in Patagonia, precisely in Torres del Paine National Park which is on the southern tip of Chile. Why is it called medan lake toba tour package?

We are not big fans of medan tour package like this, but if you like scenes like that we will definitely really like Dreezel Coffee. And by the way, the coffee here is pretty good even though it comes out really long (it took almost 25 minutes). Actually, we are undergoing this Patagonia W Trek in 2016 and have no intention of writing lake toba tour package because we think not too many people are interested in coming here.

Because if you see lake toba tour package, it looks like the letter W. The recommended duration is around 3-5 days. The total distance is around 80 km. We ourselves spent 5 days 4 nights to undergo W Trek in July 2016. How do you get there? To Torres del Paine, we flew from Santiago (capital of Chile) to Punta Arenas. The flights use medan tour package for a total of approximately 4 hours and transit for a while in Puerto Montt.

In medan lake toba tour package, it is very far and it seems that not too many intend to explore Chile from Indonesia. But apparently we received several requests from followers who wanted to know about how to trekking in Patagonia. So here we are! We wrote in the form of FAQ (medan travel agency), yes, while imagining what questions you would ask about trekking in Patagonia. Hopefully the sharing is useful.

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