"The initiate was only half-right," said Bawan to the emptiness. "True, the value lies not in carven oak, but neither does it lie in the shape of the carving; for both the real pillar and the virtual one may be lost, and the temple will be no poorer. But when wood first yields to metal, one more thing is made: and that is the sculptor."
- The Codeless Code, Case 122 (

I'm Sciborg, but you can call me Mike! (he/him or they/them) I am a graduate student, software and application developer in the Midwest, part-time writer of fantasy and science fiction, LGBTQ+ community member, amateur birdwatcher, and hobbyist game developer. I love science, puzzles, TTRPGs, Nurikabes, sci-fi, fantasy, Pathfinder 2e, and Dungeons & Dragons!

Things I do here:

  • I make Nurikabes on Puzzling! (And some other puzzles too!)

    • Nurikabe: A Gentle Walk in the Hall of Giants

    • Nurikabe: The Super-Kabe Attacks!

    • Nurikabe: The Twisty Corridors

    • Nurikabe: Five Below

    • Nurikabe: An Inconvenient Twelve

  • I am the Dungeon Master of PSE D&D 5e and RFS with the following groups (Read our session transcripts here!):

    • 5e Campaign #1: @bobble, @Graylocke, and @Prince North Læraðr (The Timid Trio) and @Mithical and @msh210

    • 5e Campaign #2: @Prince North Læraðr, @kaktus, @bobble, @Mithical and @AncientSwordRage

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