Michigan, USA

"Are we all nerds?" "Yes." - @bobble and @merrybot

"is 'borg... acute?" - @bobble

"Some people like straight fries and some people like gay fries." - @Prince North Læraðr

Pronouns: he/him (or they/them) ❤️

I'm Sciborg, but you can call me Mick! I am a full-time software and app developer (Java/C++/JavaScript) in Michigan, part-time writer of published fantasy and science fiction short stories under a pen name, LGBTQ+ community member, and hobbyist game developer. I love Lord of the Rings, Pathfinder, sci-fi, fantasy, and Dungeons & Dragons. I also love making puzzles! My favorite site here is Puzzling.

Things I do here:

  • I make Nurikabes on Puzzling! (And some other puzzles too!)

    • Nurikabe: A Gentle Walk in the Hall of Giants

    • Nurikabe: The Super-Kabe Attacks!

    • Nurikabe: The Twisty Corridors

    • Nurikabe: Five Below

  • I was the Dungeon Master of PSE D&D 5e with @bobble, @Graylocke, and @Prince North Læraðr (The Timid Trio) and @Mithical and @msh210! Read our session transcripts here!

Contact me:

  • Discord: MickTheJackdaw#1462

  • Business Email:

Since you're here, why not donate to the Trevor Project to help save the lives of LGBTQ+ youth?

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