Stephane Rolland

Paris, France

Author of the dependent and linear typed Functional Programming Language XYZ (name is still to be defined, scientific article draft in progress, public website in progress, compiler/interpreter in progress)

Machine Learning: kaggle AI competitions

Favourite Techs: Haskell, C++14, Python 3, PostgreSQL, Nixos (otherwise Debian when Nixos is not available on webhosting providers)

Photography/Graphical Arts: Abstract Photography , Pinterests Boards

Author-Composer: Publicly released music, tracks on soundcloud

Interests: Language Design, Categorial logic, Type Theory, Artificial Intelligence, Design Patterns, Web Design, Lambda Calculus, Pi Calculus, Pattern Calculus, Digital Signal Processing, Test Driven Development, Software Craftsmanship

Everyday experience: C++, Python, Haskell

Practicing: Machine Learning, Scikit-Learn, R

Used: C, C#, Xml, Regex, Sql, Javascript, Win32, Mfc, Com/Atl, Stl, Design Patterns, MsXml, Wpf, C++/Cli, Html, Java, Soap, Sql Server, Http, Boost C++, Xaml, Xslt, Xschema, Xpath, Bash, Powershell, VB

Practiced: Elixir, Erlang, Elm, F#, Cython, AngularJS, jQuery, Html5, Css, Svg, Web Audio Api, Underscore.js, Node.js, Octave

Small memories of: Perl, Prolog, Oz/ML, Pict and Nomadic Pict

Want to learn: Rebol/Red Language

Love: English, Deutsch, Español, French (mother tongue), Esperanto (though I no longer practice since at least 10 years, this language is beautiful)

Learning: 中文 (Chinese), 日本語 (Japanese)

Want to learn (one day...): Korean, Arabic, Mongolian, Russian, Dutch/Nederland, Italian, Sanskrit, and a bit of Tibetan... let's see.

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