Michael R. Chernick

Holland, Pennsylvania, United States

I am a currently retired biostatistician and last worked at the Lankenau Institute for Medical Research where I worked on lab experiments, clinical trials and other medical research. I have a PhD in Statistics from Stanford University. I have published books on bootstrap and biostatistics and have written or coauthored many articles in statistics, mathematics and medical journals. I am an ASA Fellow and have also been a member of ENAR, the IMS, the Bernoulli Society and the Royal Statistical Society. I like teaching and mentoring and doing puzzles (crossword, cryptograms and Sudoku) I used to play chess with my son Daniel but I am getting rusty at it as I age and he started beating me too often. I have been retired since 2012. I was very active at CrossValidated in 2011, but have not contributed from 2012-2016. I resumed activity in November 2016 and am hoping to finish a few books I had abandoned and I hope to get back to doing some part time consulting at some point in the future.

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