In the web development industry since 2010 (yes, I'm that old), with vast experience in various technologies that have gained popularity throughout the years.

Since 2012, I've been actively involved with Docebo SpA, one of the largest, award-winning, cloud-based eLearning platforms (source:

Currently serving as SCRUM master and Team Leader of a team of 5 developers @ Docebo.

In parallel, I am the CTO ScavaSoft. A Bulgaria-based software development firm, that is in close partnership with Docebo. Inside ScavaSoft, I am responsible for supporting a team of ~20 developers in their career journey as web developers and also making sure things run smoothly in terms of local server architecture (Redis/MySQL databases, local development machines, etc).

  • As a hobby, running a mobile app development studio @
  • Occasionally I blog about programming @
  • Some of my open source projects @
  • Occasionally I blog about my other hobby - photography @ If you want some inspiration, you can check out my 500px gallery @