Eevee Trainer

Alabama, USA

MSE's resident Pokémon nerd, prospective graduate student in mathematics.

Aside from stuff pertaining to MSE, I'm also a regular contributor to GameFAQs (profile), and run a Pokémon-themed community Discord server with about 2,000 members (invite). I also occasionally can be seen poking around other Stack Exchange sites (math is my specialty though), VGMaps, Pokémon Showdown, and spend an unhealthy about of time watching YouTube videos.

My education in mathematics thus far is mostly undergraduate-level stuff: I graduated in the spring of 2019, and am looking to pursue graduate school in the future. I also dabble in self-study and have my paws in a lot of STEM-related YouTube channels, so all told, while I don't have a lot of deep knowledge of mathematics, I certainly feel I have a fair breadth of knowledge. And probably more interests in various fields of math than I'll be able to deeply pursue in my lifetime.

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