Student of computer science, freelancer, computer & space exploration nerd.

I have experience in theoretical computer science and maths, as well as more practical experience in object oriented programming, functional programming, relational database design and many web technologies, including html5, xml, json, yaml and other DSLs, sql (mostly mysql, mssql and hsql), javascript and asp.net-core.

I prefer working with strongly-typed programming languages and primarily work with Java and C#. I am actively following JDK development and the upcoming features, as well as how to integrate them into applications. Programming languages I have used professionally include:

  • java (including Java 8, 11 and newer)
  • php (up until 7.1)
  • c#

Besides being a student, I also work as a freelancer in IT services and software development.

I am interested in studying and following established standards as well as creating new, unique and innovative solutions for business problems, focusing on ease-of-use, maintainability, extensibility and creating value for the customer. As such, I am also active on Software Engineering.SE.

I am an avid space exploration fan and also active on Space SE.

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