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Ernest Abinokhauno

Lagos, Nigeria

I am a Bible scholar. I love playing upon words and using same in cross-cultural communication. I have used this talent and creativity to compose poetic verses and write sensational expressions that generate feelings of ecstasy that could make you feel like you're floating in a cloud. This is the game I play at leisure. If you sometimes like to chill out and get cool creatively in a play upon words, then you could usually be visiting my blog at and/or where I ruminate on Wisdom Literature at

In a bid to effectively communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ in both pastoral and evangelistic contexts, I have cultivated a strong addiction for the WORD. My inspiration is to find a network of scholars that shares like passions as well as I. That is why I'm here and I love to be here. It's worth noting that not everyone's experience is the same. Yet without attempting to play upon words, I feel so excited to thank the facilitators of this site a million times for their dedicated and tireless effort to run with this vision. I am equally grateful to all the professors and scholars who are making it real on this platform. Thank you everyone!

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