Bronx, NY

profile for Scribblenautical at Arqade, Q&A for passionate videogamers on all platforms

I am a sophomore at Brooklyn Technical High School, a specialized high school. I am into video games and the biological sciences. I hope that one day I will become a mortician or some other profession in the medical field. I also play basketball, volleyball, baseball, and handball. Even though I don't own many video games that are featured on the Arqade page(League of Legends, Skyrim, etc.) I try my best to answer the questions that I can. Hopefully I can help you guys!

I also like to ask questions on some of the other stack exchange sites, such as Mathematics, English Language and Usage, and Physics.

Twitter: @ShyGuyJerry

Instagram: @Wot_The_Fuck

Youtube: @JerryRox