Fort Lauderdale, FL

I appreciate the questions on StackOverflow, and I appreciate the useful answers on StackOverflow. Stack moderators, however, can be bullies. There is also too much revenge down-voting on StackOverflow and its sister fora, and admins seem not to really care about it. A moderator can down vote, delete your answer, or even suspend an account simply on the basis that they disagree with your point of view, and they seem to be completely unaccountable for their ego issues-based actions. Crowd sourcing is not, and never was a scientifically reliable method of quality content regulation.

Here's something to think about: Research from the social sciences is pretty clear that members who self-identify with a group will click an "up vote" or "down vote" depending upon whether it serves to reinforce a perception that they belong within that group. So when a member sees that other members of a clique he wishes to belong vote a certain way, you will see a cascading effect of down votes or up votes, purely on the basis of how others in a perceived virtual group will vote. This translate to something like people down voting answers, not because the answer is unhelpful or uninformative, but because the answer conflicts with a prevailing opinion within a social clique.