Curtis Batt

Edmonton, Canada

Currently: Solution Architect at CGI working in the fields of Government and Healthcare.

Formerly: Owner and Solution Architect at Panalogica Inc., an independent software development and consulting services provider; Senior Software Architect at Safefreight Technology, a GPS tracking technology developer and service provider; Technical Architect and Lead Developer at Fujitsu Consulting; Lead Web Developer at Public Affairs Bureau of Alberta.

Strengths: Solution Architecture; Data Modelling; Recruiting, Hiring, Leading, and Coaching software development teams.

I've been programming since my introduction to LOGO on an Apple II in 1983. From there to Applesoft BASIC, then to 6502 assembler, and then to various standard and not so standard languages and platforms (any other nerds out there remember AMOS on the Amiga? I owe Francois Lionet a debt of gratitude for that software).