Randy Hill

Scottsdale, AZ

Former Mac/Windows developer from way back, now starting iOS development.

Started working on Mac apps in 1985, first professional Mac development job at Now Software in 1986-1989, on core development team at Claris from 1989-1991. Co-founded and ran development at Extensis from 1991 till 1998, then co-founded MeasureCast in 1999 and helped run it until 2002. Took decade off to have kids and move to Arizona. Started developing iOS Apps in 2012 working on 5th commercial app release at the moment.

In my work history I started with C and assembly writing everything from visual interface builders & system extensions, progressed to writing object oriented C code for Mac and a little bit of C++ for Windows, while dabbling in Java and Javascript occasionally. The last 2 years have been all Objective C, and I'm now learning Swift with the idea to standardize my development on it.

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