Kerry L

Texas, USA

Amateur war history buff - primarily WWII and American Civil War.

Nearly 40 years in Tech (IT operations, software development, industrial robotics, process control systems, business intelligence) with experience in many industries (automotive manufacturing, banking, healthcare, aerospace / NASA, government services) with many peer and industry awards and recognition, and enough mistakes under my belt to keep me humble.

Chess enthusiast, musician and music aficionado with eclectic tastes (classical, jazz, big-band, blues, rock, metal, funk, country) and also a classic movie fan (Turner Classic Movies is my "go to" channel most of the time).

What I'm reading now:

  • Gestapo Chief : The 1948 Interrogation of Heinrich Müller, Gregory Douglas, 1996, R James Bender, Pub;

What I've recently finished:

  • The Real Odessa: How Peron Brought the Nazi War Criminals to Argentina, Uki Goñi, 2003, Granta Publications;
  • Operation Paperclip, Annie Jacobsen, 2014, Little Brown & Company;
  • Prelude to Nuremberg, Arieh J. Kochavi, 1998, UNC Press;
  • Murderous Medicine : Nazi Doctors, Human Experimentation, and Typhus, Naomi Baumslag, 2005, Praeger Publishers;
  • Life in the Third Reich : daily life in Nazi Germany 1933-1945, Paul Roland, 2016, Arcturus Publishing.
  • A Jewish Orchestra in Nazi Germany, Lily E. Hirsch, 2010, University of Michigan Press;
  • The Assassination of Reinhard Heydrich: The True Story Behind Operation Anthropoid, Callum MacDonald, 2007, Birlinn Ltd;
  • The Nuremberg Trials: The Nazis brought to justice, Alexander MacDonald, 2016, Arcturus;
  • The Valhalla Exchange, (7th or 8th time) Harry Patterson (Jack Higgins' real name), 1976, Fawcett Crest (Harper Collins, 2007)

What's next on my reading list:

  • Secret Agenda : the United States government, Nazi scientists, and project Paperclip, 1945-1990, Linda Hunt, 1991, St. Martin's Press;
  • The Paperclip Conspiracy: The Hunt for the Nazi Scientists, Tom Bower, 1987, Little Brown & Company;
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