Jack Bashford

Canberra ACT, Australia

Learning how to code is 90% questions, 10% answers, and 5% experimenting.

— Jack Bashford

Hello! I'm Jack, and I love to help people - coding is my passion, and sharing my passion with others is one of the things I love the most about this site.

I am heavily involved in web development (especially JavaScript), and iOS/Swift to a lesser extent.

Below are my current tag badges and percentages, updated daily.

Bronze tag badges

  • In the first 2.5k recipients of the html bronze tag badge
  • In the first 6.5k recipients of the javascript bronze tag badge
  • In the first 3.2k recipients of the jquery bronze tag badge
  • In the first 2.1k recipients of the css bronze tag badge
  • In the first 1.5k recipients of the arrays bronze tag badge
  • 1st recipient of the webpage bronze tag badge
  • 114th recipient of the object bronze tag badge
  • 256th recipient of the html5 bronze tag badge
  • 64th recipient of the ecmascript-6 bronze tag badge
  • 263rd recipient of the function bronze tag badge
  • 993rd recipient of the string bronze tag badge
  • 483rd recipient of the json bronze tag badge

Silver tag badges

  • In the first 1.5k recipients of the javascript silver tag badge
  • 515th recipient of the html silver tag badge
  • 277th recipient of the arrays silver tag badge

Gold tag badges

  • 485th recipient of the javascript gold tag badge

Tag percentages

  • Top 1% for arrays, html, javascript, object and webpage
  • Top 5% for css, ecmascript-6, function, html5, jquery, json and string
  • Top 10% for loops, node.js, reactjs and regex
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