Albus Dumbledore

Sofia, Bulgaria

For most of my time I do programming stuff, but I like math, too, especially if it’s got a more applied nature. I love jazz music and action-packed thrilling books, where the good guys are noble and able, but sound self-deprecating, and always think coolly and clearly. Most of all, however, I like video games with compelling atmosphere, innovative design and great eye for detail.

I am best at Java, but I also have experience with C++, Python, Ruby, Visual Basic, Pascal, ActionScript and PHP. I have some idea of functional programming, too, as I’ve done some good amount of projects in Matlab and Mathematica. I prefer simpler code, but I am not too scared to go deep, if it’s the only option.

My love for books and mobile devices has leaded me to making my own ebook reader: The AlbiteREADER. One can find free ebooks there, too. It’s a big thing for me, for I’ve been making the app for over four months.

As far as math is concerned, I don’t like it raw, but prefer it in connection with other sciences, i.e. numerical analysis, discreet math, statistics, biomathematics, etc. I’ve done some good amount of math projects with Matlab and Mathematica. I’ve also had the chance to teach biomath as an assistant, i.e. I was responsible for the demonstrational part of the subject. In relation with that, I can say, I wrote some good quantity of Mathematica code and some lesser amount of mathematical stuff.