Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

I like solving problems. My goals are to think, research and/or deliver solutions that are faster, better, more reliable ways of doing things.

I've had several "careers" and I've found StackOverflow and various StackExchange forums invaluable. I find that I rarely ask questions because judicious and patient searching will normally uncover an existing answer, or at least an answer that is 99% of what I want/need.

On the other hand, I enjoy answering questions because they give me the opportunity to give back to the community. They can shorten someone's learning curve, or turn a seemingly insurmountable problem into one one for which they just haven't found that there is an existing answer, or because I can learn something new myself by working through the problem to consider how it might be solved.

I most enjoy questions where, though the questioner may have given a "garbled" example of their situation, and I can recall myself in a same or similar situation at some long past date. The question, for all its flaws, becomes crystal clear, as does the path to create an answer.