Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Web developer with advanced experience in PHP/MySQL/Node.js on the server side, as well as Javascript/HTML/CSS (and JS libraries/frameworks) on the client side. Always on the lookout for emerging web trends and technologies. In being "best practices" oriented, I value simplicity, re-usability, maintainability and, above all, efficiency and scalability of the code I write.

I have extensive experience with server setup/management (all platforms), DNS, sites optimization, analytics, A/B testing, as well as email marketing (MX setup, SPF, DKIM, CANSPAM compliance, whitelisting, WCAG accessibility, as well as creating responsive cross-client emails). My experience comes from advertising and marketing environments.

I have led a small team of developers and managed small to medium sized projects with a track record of timely delivery on projected scope. My work benefits from strong attention to details, agile practices, priorities juggling.

Happy to be a member of StackExchange. Looking forward to learning new things and helping others where I can.

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