Systems Administrator

School district

Custom Macintosh management via BASH, AppleScript/osascript

  • Fully automated Environment/Template management
    • Sync systems based on specific Environment
    • Deployment of updates (OS & 3rd party)
  • Implement restrictions/additions based on
    • Network User
    • Template
    • Environment
    • Network
    • Hardware
  • Snapshot management (Server)
    • Creating new Environments
    • Updating old Environments

10,000 + Macintosh machines being managed by CMEM Envi

  • 10.4.x (NO LONGER IN USE)
  • 10.5.x
  • 10.6.x
  • 10.7.x
  • 10.8.x
  • 10.9.x (Ported to JAMF)

I have since ported all of my custom scripts, concepts & logic to JAMF as either Extension Attributes, Custom Profile Templates or Policies. It was an awesome run and I am proud to say that my work is still being used elsewhere, but at this point there isn't any reason not to use and promote the JAMF product. It truly is an incredible product with no limits.

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