Cigano Morrison Mendez

Evanston, IL, United States

Programmer, Systems Analyst, IT Architect and Entrepreneur from Curitiba, Brazil, living in Evanston, Illinois, working in Chicago downtown.

Bachelor in Computing Science from Federal University of Paraná since 2007, acting in IT since 1998 as a hobbist. Microsoft MVC 2017-2018.

I own a company named Design LĂ­quido (Liquid Design, in english), which provides services in Graphical Design and IT (, and I helped to found a company that stamps T-Shirts and stuff (, and more companies should be on inception shortly.

Additionally, I'm a professional tutor, specialized in professional disciplines for IT professionals in Brazil. Check:

  • GitHub:
  • NuGet:

Liked my answers? I helped you? Buy me a beer (or, in Portuguese, me paga uma bera).

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