Academic-turned-teacher (but still doing research as a hobby), interested in mathematical logic - specifically, computability theory and reverse mathematics, set theory, and abstract model theory. I'm also interested in other Nifty Things, in mathematics and elsewhere.

Since the SE system only allows temporary bounties, I am here informally "perma-bountying" the following ten questions, each for 1000 points (only a complete answer is guaranteed the bounty, so e.g. a partial answer to the unraveling question within the next week probably would get the standard 500-point bounty currently offered but probably would not get a further +500 reward):

  • Geometry and topology:

    • involutive triangle centers

    • axiomatized function spaces

  • Model theory:

    • ultrapowers and automorphisms

    • second-order Tarski-Vaughtification

  • Descriptive set theory:

    • unraveling and determinacy

    • Banach game quantifier

  • Set theory:

    • gently changing measure

    • second-order properties and ultrafilters

  • Computability theory:

    • strong +1 hypothesis

    • cone property and e-degrees

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