Eternally a C++ novice.

Some of my answers I'm particularly fond of:

Algorithms and proofs

  • In-place Radix Sort followed by Linear Scan for finding duplicates in an array in O(N) time and O(1) space
  • Prove Big Theta Bound for a nested loop
  • Proof that complete-linkage clustering does NOT guarantee two elements in one cluster will be closer to each other than any element from another cluster

Template meta-programming in C++

  • Modify SFINAE idiom to check return type of a function using std::is_arithmetic
  • N-nested for-loops that pass loop indices onto passed Callable
  • Partial template specialization and tag dispatch in C++11
  • Template specialization based on given enumerated value
  • Template overloads behave differently than non template overloads

Other C++

  • How to properly capture variables in the surrounding scope in a C++ Lambda

  • Speed comparison of std::string and char array

Computational Geometry and Physics

  • How to rotate a quaternion
  • How to tell if a vector is between two vectors
  • Using the kinematic equations with a timestep to update a simulation
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