Seattle, WA, USA

I do cross-platform development of desktop applications, using HTML/CSS/JS as a single-page web app, with C++ backend. You get the best of both worlds. I also develop websites using wordpress.

I am passionate about high quality and elegant software solutions that are re-usable and well documented. And I like to go deep as far as solutions and knowledge goes. You can see that hopefully from the posts that I am making here.

My speciality areas in C++ are: computer vision, fast and efficient algorithms, multi-threaded applications, hardware interfacing.

* my complaint about Stackoverflow * On June 20, 2018 I tried to post an answer to a new question and was blocked by stackoverflow to make any more contributions. Stackoverflow claims that one can up one's score with new contributions, but if I am shut out, then how in the world can I ? This was done for no other reason that I had those 3 total downvotes on 2 of my 5 solutions so far (one of which I had corrected long ago, the other one the downvoters never justified it with any comment). So, this system is broken, sorry. With so few data points to go by to judge someone's merit, I find it self defeating and does not serve the community to shut out relative newcomers from posting new solutions.

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