Dearborn Heights, MI, USA

hi, i'm harmothic! or, if you prefer a 'real' name, you can call me el or eleanor. here's a list of things i'm at least a little bit good at:

  • writing (creative fiction mostly)
  • cooking (home cook for about a year, not as much lately)
  • rhythm games (particularly osu! and beat saber)
  • german (beginner level!)
  • tarot
  • a sprinkling of esoteric historical topics
  • PC game modding (beginner!)

i'm here 'cause i think the stackexchange format is Interesting and potentially more effective than sites like quora or what have you. also, i have anxiety, so it's good for me to have a way to ask potentially ridiculous or complicated questions in a place that won't stick my head on a pike for it!

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