Seattle, WA

30-something-year-old father of one. I work at a small software company you've never heard of, dividing my time between helping customers figure out how to click on the icon for our software, and trying to remember what code I was trying to fix before I was so rudely interrupted.

Work has me living in VB.NET; my personal time is spent exploring Android, Flash, Java programming - or whatever else catches my fancy. At times I may take a break to read (or occasionally write) via the medium of pressed cellulose; if I'm feeling particularly ambitious, I might grab a hunk of yarn or thread and jab at it with hooks, needles, or shuttles until it takes something vaguely resembling a pleasing appearance.

Mostly, though, I enjoy watching my progeny progress through the various milestones littering the landscape of an age that I am assured will soon be worthy of the appellation "terrible". I can hardly wait.