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Interested only in a few questions:

  1. A conceptual framework for understanding subjective experience;

  2. Logic as an objective human performance and manifest capacity of the brain; our sense of logic; how we use logic; and formal methods as model of logic;

  3. Time: How to make sense of time as we experience it if there is no physical reality to which the word could possibly refer?

I use a Descartes avatar to signal that I take the Cogito to be a very apt expression of my view that my conscious mind is the only thing I know and that the rest is beliefs.


The experience of consciousness is of course in real time.

What is not in real time is the brain's representation of the material world, which suffers a small delay because necessarily made up after the fact. So, yes, consciousness of the material world lags behind the material world, assuming there is such a thing as the material world, which is a doubtful idea at best and in fact rather naive, which is why philosophers called it "naive realism".

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