Kamran Mackey

Calgary, Canada


Hi there! I'm Kamran. I'm a Windows power user. I'm also someone who is learning stuff on Udemy. I really love listening to awesome music (Electro, Pop, etc), learning new things, and I'm also learning how to code. I also love playing video games such as Minecraft, Starbound, Terraria, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and many other games that I find awesome & interesting to play.

I began using the Microsoft Windows operating system when I got my very first computer which was running Windows 2000 when I got the computer. Since I hated Windows 2000 because of how disgusting & ugly it was, I upgraded the computer to the Windows XP operating system, which was released in 2000. Since then, I have gained lots of experience with using the Windows operating system and I have used every single Windows operating system that was released since Windows 2000 including but not limited to: Windows XP, Windows Vista (which in my opinion was a horrible operating system which should have never been released), Windows 7 and Windows 8 & 8.1 which was released in October of 2012 & October 17, 2013, respectively. I am also currently testing Windows 10, a new version of the Windows operating system made by Microsoft which is in the "Technical Preview" stage of development & the successor to Windows 8 & 8.1.

I love computers very much. I've loved them since I got my first computer (that was of course running Windows 2000, as described in the paragraph above this one.). When I finish high school, I really want to get a career in computers, as in my opinion I'm great at computers & I like them a lot. I have a lot of knowledge about computers and I'm learning more & more about them almost every day.

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