I'm Primarily a hardware geek. This doesn't mean I have a ton of hardware around me, and that I spend the equivalent of a small country's GNP on new toys. I'm a computer repair technician who doesn't shy away from needing to break out my soldering iron.

I'm Primarily a Windows guy, because all my customers use it. Yes, I know. There are a ton of repair techs who use Linux on their own... and so do I. I just try to keep myself surrounded by a few running versions of Windows, because I inevitably get a call once a day from someone with a question that may require me to lean over to said running machine, and confirm a detail. It makes it easier to answer XP questions when I've got a machine running MCE and one running Home within reach. Running... not waiting to be booted. I keep a copy of Vista (shudder) around because I need to, but I only fire up that boot at gunpoint. The Laptop runs Mint and I like it like that.

Opinionated and decisive, I am well aware that I don't know everything. That won't stop me from being confident in what I do know, and looking up that which I don't.

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