It cannot be about me, it is all about ONE, the Author of life, the Smitten Rock, the Prince of peace, His Name is Wonderful, the Holy One of Israel, the Good Shepherd, the Way, the Truth, and the Life. The King of kings and Lord of lords, God blessed forever, Jesus the Christ. Without Him you don't have anything but eternal torment (no annihilation) in Hell because of your sinful nature. Don't take your life for granted, everything you see is for a brief time and then will vanish. How come you care about everything except your very life that may stop at any moment? But that won't be the end, for there will be a righteous Judgment waiting for you after that according to the Bible, how horrible? So dear sinner, with all love even in LaTeX: is He your personal Savior? If not you are in utter danger, but I am glad to tell you that in Him there is hope as He never rejects a broken sinner, seriously troubled with his sins. Come to Him with all of your burdens, but you can ever trust Him Who is Mighty to Save. Repent, not relying on yourself but on His perfect and finished work on the Cross at Calvary, and believe in the gospel, even today, for the Kingdom of God (Jesus Christ) is at hand.

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