Vigo, Spain

I am a Spanish systems engineer born in 1976 who has been working last 9 years as a System Administrator in PSA Peugeot Citroën "EAMP" department hired by Seresco (an IT Consulting enterprise).

This department gives support for some Open Source servers on Unix machines (mainly Linux) for the needs of any PSA's worker worldwide. The products we work on a daily basis are Apache web server, MySQL, PHP, Tomcat and MediaWiki, between others.

I discovered Linux at University. At that time I knew nothing about Free Software, I installed it just because somebody told me with that I could make the Unix exercises at home. Later, when Internet become part of my life, I become a “GNU/Linux & Free Software fanboy”.

Apart from that I am also a father and in my free time I try to make some sport, pay attention to what happens around and learn everyday something new :-)