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Richard T

Oakland, CA

I've been coding since 1977 when I got a Commodore Pet 32Kb, complete with double sided, double-density dual disk drive and tractor feed, programmable dot matrix printer. I created hardware for it, too - my own pixel addressable video, memory expansion, sound, etc... And I invented a small navigational computer for light aircraft, but found it impossible to certify with the FAA...

I wrote (by myself) a complete real-time, multi-tasking operating system in Motorola 6809 that (even 25 years later) controls oil pipelines, ships, and refineries.

I wrote device drivers for VMS, did crash dump analysis... invented products for Ingres - and literally wrote the book on performance tuning the Ingres RDBMS. I led a large research team in UC Berkeley's ERL, founded three software companies ...

All that and I still love to write code.

Besides that, I'm a New Orleanian, a pilot, play trumpet, sculpt in metal...

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