Belgrade, Serbia

Since small age was bitten by technological bug. Spent more behind the keyboard that cares to admit poking bits and bytes around. Worked as Developer, DevOps, Team Leader, Administrator, Software Architect, Database Architect, Evangelist, Lecturer, Embedded Engineer...

Love to assemble, disassemble, reassemble and generally to understand how stuff works, preferably why too... Doer and maker by nature, takes great joy in creating virtual and real thing...ies.

Spent childhood in vast home library and enjoys reading. Omnivorous when it comes to knowledge. Proud father of two girls whom strives to infect with curiosity and passion about knowledge.

In spare time loves to tinker with self assembled 3d printers, cnc machining, knitting machines, astronomy, hiking...

Sportwise inclined towards spelunking, scubadiving, like to play with bows and arrows.

Veteran that learnt to hate war. Actively avoids unnecessary waste of time and filters out rude and selfish people.

Favorite show: Star Trek. Favorite games: Chess, MS Flight Simulator, Civilization, Nectaris, Incubation and World of Warcraft.

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