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London, UK

Hi, my name is Jeremie,

I am relatively new to programming, having kickstarted it all in 2017 with the MA in Computational Arts at Goldsmiths College, London. Although I had followed most of one foundational class in CS at the EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland in the academic year 2003-4, my profound loathing of the subject was probably the reason why I had forgotten everything, up to the notion of integer, which I rediscovered that summer '17. Since then, things moved rather fast, and after a foundation term learning Processing and openFrameworks, I turned to Python on the recommendation of my teachers, as this was the most obvious choice for a language-oriented entity such as I. I then moved to learn the foundations of machine learning and deep learning, which is still a core interest today (word2vec, RNNs/LSTMs, and the like, for instance the famous GPT-2 model, with proficiency in TensorFlow, Torch and perhaps one day JAX as current objectives).

I have been fairly obsessed with constrained literary pieces using recursive generative processes, which led to WordSquares, Subwords and the Siamesor. However the long-term view is to integrate deep learning tools further into my writing practice, as in the the ongoing project Artificial It.

Nerdy interests include: Linux, LaTeX, the Z shell, Cthulhu merges, plans to move from Jekyll to Gatsby.

My life before, and beside, programming, is literary, musical and philosophical (peppered, these days, with some political economy), having studied English and French literature in Switzerland and started, before quickly dropping out from, an ill-fated DPhil in musicology at Oxford.

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