John Robertson

Winterville, NC, United States

I am a software developer. I am particularly fond of the areas:

  • artificial intelligence, computer vision & machine learning
  • high end graphics & image processing
  • games

As stackoverflow changed their icon in celebration for several days when the US Supreme court unlawfully legislated to make gay marriage legal, I will in turn address the matter in my stackoverflow profile. That is the only way I can, in good conscience, continue to participate in stackoverflow.

I stand by the bible's teachings on the matter of homosexuality. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, also known as a Mormon. That means I consider homosexuality and related immorality to be a perversion. By contrast I consider marriage to be sacred. The court has no more right to redefine the family than government can change the fact that men are born with God given inalienable rights.

I am also a mathematician.
I quite like interesting games and enjoy playing them with those of my many wonderful children who are old enough. We will often edit what we might find to be sleazy in a game without altering the game play, which quite widens the range of games we can play while staying within what we consider to be gospel standards.

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