Green Window and Door Inc.

St. Marys, ON, Canada

'Windows are Windows, Right?' People make this mistake when buying new windows. The Public may be familiar with Energy Star. Energy Star is a government label that means your windows meet a certain standard for energy savings.
And window sellers were happy to tout that they sell Double Low-E Argon "Energy Star" windows. What people didn't know is the performance standard has been rather low. The old Double glaze window that everyone sells is at an R-Value of 2.8. Europe installs TRIPLE windows. It’s the law in Germany, Sweden Finland etc. Why? They want to conserve energy and conserve money. In North America, we've been spending energy like drunken sailors for the past 50 years (With apologies to drunken sailors).
Energy's almost FREE in Canada! Not any more. Our European-style Tilt & Turn design Energy Star Values with a u-Factor of .98 is roughly an R-value of 6. So, 50% better than the Energy Star 2019 requirement. Huge difference. What does this mean for you? Well, you need to know what a good window is. It's the difference between your windows saving you 12% OR 40% + of your energy bill. If our TRIPLE window saves you an extra $ 70/month (for example) that by itself is not so much. But over 15 years can be as much as $ 22, 807.79*. That BUYS a Lot of Windows
(* based on average interest rates/energy increases 2000-14).. Your solution is to Go Green! Green Window & Door Inc. for Green & Healthy Windows

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