Newbie to Android. Taught myself some programming in the past (HTML, Java, javascript, some C++ etc). Bought my first Android device, a Zenithink C71 7" tablet (from China). It is rooted and running Android 4.0.3. It has no USB connections, just 2 firewire ports, one marked Host, the other marked Dev. I bought an adapter and can plug a Belkin bluetooth dongle into the Host firewire port on the tablet to add bluetooth devices. Some devices work fine e.g. bluetooth mouse. My problem is getting my bluetooth headphones to work. The headphones offer both mono audio for phone use and stereo AD2P. The headphones work perfectly with my phone and laptop it is just with the tablet that things go wrong. According to the settings manager on the tablet, the headphones are detected, paired, connected, and the system reports they are operational and media audio is being routed through them. But, bizarrely, the audio continues to play through the speakers and not the headphones. However, if I turn off the headphones the tablet audio stops playing. The headphones are working as a remote control switch and not as headphones(!) I am at a loss to understand what is going on but I hope it is something I might correct by resetting some code or writing a little app to manage bluetooth audio. I have joined the forum to get some help with this project -- and if I get hooked on Android then I hope I will start developing some apps too.

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