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Matthew Haugen

Redmond, WA

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I'm a Moderator Pro Tem on Startups and Ask Patents.

If you have a concern that pertains to moderation on either of those sites and would like to speak with me in private, feel free to flag a post (preferably a related one to your concern, but flagging your own post will do if that doesn't apply) using the "Other..." reason and I or one of my fellow moderators can open a private chat room for us.

My amateur radio call sign is KF7WLP.

I've been programming since I was eight, working on several projects during that time, some for fun and some for pay (which, you know, is also fun). I'm now dev lead at Haugen Applications, a company my father founded a while back in Nova Scotia, Canada.

I tend to take the "a little knowledge about a lot of things" route in computer science, but I'm a quick learner when it comes to new technologies so I find I can get the hang of fairly advanced topics in little enough time that I can pretend I know what I'm talking about. With that said, I currently have no formal training in CS so most of what I know is from experience and reading. My working rule of thumb is that I'd rather be able to go to university without student loans and for fun than do it because I'm supposed to and find myself in huge amounts of debt and at the same job when I get out.

Day-to-day, I use C# and T-Sql mostly with some JavaScript here and there. I also have working proficiency in Java and C++, and I'm probably forgetting a few in the mix. Most of what I do these days is web-related, both through writing websites and writing (and on some rare occasions, reading) APIs. I used to live and breathe Windows Forms, but something magical happened at some point in my life and I moved on from them.

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