I've worked on high scaleable application (2+ mil uniqs/mo), I've worked on super high data applications (like, searchable data on every person of voting age in America), I've worked on effective grading algorithms for multiple choice answers (which is so much more difficult than you'd think in order to eliminate guessing and actually test for knowledge), I've built startup MVP's, I've converted MVP's into enterprise apps, I've broken up enterprise apps into microservices, and I've honestly not done nearly enough open source work. Possibly my one big regret.

I like to talk about 'full stack development' as its a broad scale, between UI and Photoshop/Illustrator skills, down to UX, Javascript, Front End, HTML and CSS skills, Workflow management, APIs, and then real backend stuff, like message queues, server side programming, down to database engineering and platform management. When you say you're full stack, you're encompassing some subsection of these traits, and I'll be the first to say, I don't understand how Photoshop or Illustrator work. I need someone to help me because I don't get it.