Saint-Hippolyte, Québec, Canada

I perceive myself to have made all possible errors, and yet manage to make more at a consistant pace. There seems to be no limit to the number of times you can trip walking the same stone path.

The first time I was asked to define myself I said "I am G-d's favourite child: each time I ask for an obstacle a mountain rises before me" I would have been 8 at the time... it is still true now, I am 50.

Being aware of my propensity for errors makes me a good person to whom to bring your errors. I have likely made it too (and we can share the delight of meeting a fellow traveller who has walked the same road), and if I haven't I will still not have judgement of you, because I know I have made so many mistakes myself I have nothing left to stand on in order to look down on anyone.

if there is anything I can offer you, please allow me the privilege of giving it to you.

I live in a small cabin in the woods, in a mountain range (Laurentian) in Quebec (Canada). I leave it weekly to go to the city to work (3 consecutive days a week), I often dream of opening part of my cabin for others to come there to meditate. It is lovely to be surrounded by trees, small creeks, and many little animals. It is easier to find inner stillness when surrounded by outer stillness.

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