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Viktor Malyi


I'm passionate about software development and especially about software testing, which, I believe, is an essential part of every product. I believe that such a product can only be created by people who share an enthusiasm for what they're doing. I think that when you're doing something with passion, you can reach the highest point of efficiency in your work. I don't want to be managed by someone who's called manager, but want to be driven by a leader, I can learn a lot from.

I have already gathered some experience both testing and developing web- and mobile applications which are used by millions people around the globe. During that time, I've worked with many programming languages including Java, Python, C++ and various test automation frameworks including Selenium Webdriver, Robot Framework and JBehave.

I'm always open for new challenges and experiences as software tester or software engineer in test in an agile environment, where the people are really passionate about what they are doing and ideally eat their own dog food. The companies like Github, 37Signals, Valve and Automattic have a similar culture to what I'm looking for. But first of all I'm looking for a great team of enthusiasts which love to deliver value to their customers.