Nikhil Agrawal


Very first I would like to thank Gajotres who is my source of inspiration, guided me for using stackoverflow. Really a nice and helping guy with a great attitude.

People I know best on stackoverflow -- @Andrew Barber sir, @Paresh Mayani Sir, @Chintan Khetiya, @Appu

Technical awareness -- J2SE, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, Struts2, JSP, Servlets, Android, Phonegap, Backbone, Marionette, Handlebars, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, jQuery-ui, jQuery mobile, AJAX, html.

If anyone is looking to learn about how to use stackoverflow then I am open to share my experience with stackoverflow. Just contact me details are below.

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Contact No. --- +91 - 9424529222 (India)

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Future targets --

  1. Becoming an trusted user of stackoverflow.

  2. Learning How to use git and GitHub.

  3. Exploring each corner of java memory management model.

  4. Learning a foreign language may be spanish / French / German.

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