Hamilton, New Zealand


I am a keen new developer who has had 3 years’ experience in front end development and graphic design. I love working with clients and making their ideas happen. I am a team person who can work well with others, but also do well when working on my own.

My aim is to further my experience in the IT industry and help others achieve their goals through this and eventually start my own business officially.

I am still currently studying as a student at Vision College until June 2012. I am doing a diploma in WWW Page Programming and Design (Web design), so any experience that could help me further in this course would be incredible.

I am half way through the course and have learnt quite a bit about HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery and Graphic Design. In this second half of my course I am starting to learn about Databases, SQL, ASP.NET and general E-commerce.

I enjoy learning more about the topics outside of school and I’m constantly going through many different courses online and learning as much as I can.

One thing I really enjoy doing is looking at someone else’ code and trying to work out what goes with what and what makes it tick.

I also have quite a bit of experience in building websites using CMS solutions. Mainly using Wordpress which is implemented in many of the sites I maintain currently.

Specialties HTML, CSS, WYSIWYG layout tools, CMS developers. Photo manipulation and Graphic Design.