Adi Inbar

Lost in Cyberspace

Okay, I figure that now that I'm an "established user", I should have a profile and an avatar. It's a stack with an overflow, get it???

I used to script almost exclusively in Perl, but a couple of years ago I discovered the wonders of PowerShell, and have since fallen in love with it.

Why am I here? Because I greatly enjoy problem-solving, and I find that I vastly increase my knowledge and well-roundedness by figuring out other people's problems. I started answering questions mainly because I wanted to gain 50 rep points so I could post comments, and, well, as you see on the left I kind of overshot my goal a little bit...okay, I got addicted. I really should see someone about this...

[If you're asking yourself, "WTF? This all sounds strangely out of context for this site. Is this guy on crack??", the answer is no. This profile was written for Stack Overflow, but apparently it automatically gets copied when a new account is created at some other Stack Exchange, but not all. I'm not sure why. BTW, if you change the question to " this guy on a mushroom trip??", then the answer changes to "Possibly, but that's still not why this profile sounds strangely out of context."]

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