Started with computers when I was 8, with a VIC 20, and shortly thereafter typing in code from computer magazines. Fast forward 1-2 or two years later and I was coding small games (or fool my older cousin that I was accessing her bank account).

Started working at young age in 1997 developing web applications with CGI and Perl, and later mobile applications. Part of mobile gaming startup before crash of 2000 (yep, we were a bit early). Then went into computer games industry for a few years, got a MSc in CS degree, did consulting, did startups, did big companies. CTO, CEO, tech lead are roles I've had.

I like to code. But I also like business. I'm usually the person who work with business development to leverage the benefits of new technology, and the person who work with development to make sure it results in actual business value.

See my LinkedIn profile and Github account to see what I'm up to right now.